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Yann Haute - YYC's Best EatsWe had the opportunity to head over to the well talked about Yann Haute Patisserie just off of 4th Street SW behind the Bank of Montreal in a bright yellow house.  They are famous for their Macarons and if you love them you should head there.  There are very good reviews and recommendations of this bakery.  If you haven’t had a Macaron before they are two delicate almond based meringues with tasteful fillings.  This would be the first time I’ve had a macaron and i would say they have a nice crust on the outside with nice fresh filling in the middle, just gorgeous and elegant.

I can see why people may love these delightful little things and to be honest, it wasn’t for us.  Nothing was wrong with them, it just wasn’t a taste that I  enjoyed.  It was really tough to decide how to write this review because I didn’t like it, but I think for the rest of the 99% of the population, I know it’s very good.  I can see why it would be good because of the fresh flavours, light meringues and the tons of options.

Blackcurrant MacaroonBlackcurrant Macaron

The assortment - Calgary food reviewMint Chocolate and Raspberry Macaron

Fuzzy, the nice husband he is, took home an almond croissant for his wife, which she proclaimed was amazing and would choose that over any cupcake any day.  Now those are big words for her.  The cute and small bakery has many other things other than macarons and I can’t wait to head back there again soon to try the rest so I can give Yann Haute Patisserie the proper review it deserves.

For all you Macaron lovers out there, please leave your comments below so you can let people know how good these little treats are.
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  1. Ok, so I am a macaron LOVER, and was truly excited the first time I walked through the doors of Yann haute Patisserie. Although I’ve never had to taste “real-deal” macarons like those from Ladurée in Paris, as a native Torontonian, I’ve had some pretty fantastic ones from La Bamboche, Bobette & Belle, and MoRoCo Chocolat. I was extremely disappointed after trying a variety of flavours from Yann’s! Macarons should be crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside, and light, light, light! Unfortunately, Yann’s macarons are none of these. I feel that those that do recommend Yann’s have not had the opportunity to taste what a macaron should *really* taste like!!!

    An interesting side note: my fiancé also claimed that macarons “weren’t for him” – as you did above – until he had the opportunity to taste a really good one on a recent visit to Toronto…and proceeded to eat 5+! Just sayin….

    Also…a MACAROON (although delicious!) is made with coconut and egg whites, and sometimes dipped in chocolate, while a MACARON is a french-style pastry, as you’ve pictured above!!!

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  2. I am addicted to macarons & I have been lucky enough to try ones from Paris by Pierre Herme as well as the other places in town that also makes macarons. Of course I’m not comparing this place to PH, but i have tried others here in Calgary such as M for macarons as well as when Nectar was still in business and I actually would have to agree with the above 2 reviews. They are okay at best, sometimes sort of dry. I only visit this place due to one reason alone, it’s got a good location & it’s more convient to get to when I get a craving.

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