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I’m slowly getting through the whole food court at the Calgary Farmers’ Market, there are so many, it’ll take me some time to review them all.  I’m a huge sucker for wings hence the big belly.  It’s actually a pretty good deal $8.95 a pound of wings and if you buy 3 pounds you get the 4th for free.  It’s no wing night at a pub but it’s way cheaper than most places you can get wings at.

Wildfire Wing Co. have tons of flavours which I tried 2 of my favourite flavours, hot wings and garlic parm wings.  Both came with a dip of my choice, a side of veggies and some nice healthy sized wings.  It was definitely worth the money and the flavours were great.  The hot wings were that perfect heat that I like and the garlic parm was finger lickin’ good (not really good for the heart) but so worth it.

I did however order some on a more recent visit, I tried salt and pepper, I would avoid this the next time, way over salted, I really had to shake off and wipe them down to eat it.  I also had the garlic parm again and 2nd time around was just as good.

Wildfire Wings at the Calgary Farmers Market is a great place for a snack in the middle of shopping and I wouldn’t hesitate coming back here again.

What’s In Front Of Us:

Wildfire Hot Wings

Hot Wings

Wildfire Garlic Parm Wings

Wildfire Garlic Parm Wings

The Wildfire Wing Co

The Wildfire Wing Co

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  1. Defiantly should take a look at Peters Drive in, the amount of people that go there for their milkshakes and burgers are crazy and it is a part of Calgary’s heritage.

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