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Monday we had a chance to attend the new menu tasting party at Taste Restaurant.
Taste specializes in small appetizer style plates designed to be shared with your group. They also feature a wine list that is updated every single month.
They started us off with a Taste favorite. The Duck Fat Popcorn. Popcorn topped with warm duck fat instead of butter, and crispy duck skin. It was everything that popcorn should be. Salty, buttery goodness.
The popcorn was followed by a dish that has resently returned to the Taste menu. The Pretzel Bits were served warm with a dijon dipping sauce.
After our tastebuds were tempted by the starters, they brought out 3 items from the brand new menu.
There was the Tomato Salad with a basil marscapone cheese, and balsamic vinegar reduction.
For you seafood lovers, they’ve introduced a Scallop dish served on a bed of savoy cabbage with crisp pieces of pancetta.
And we were also treated to the Lamb Chops with the maple and pistachio rub.
After sampling the new menu items, we were served 3 of the must have dishes on the Taste menu.
There was the Beef Taco. Thinly sliced rare pieces of beef in a crispy wonton shell, with a carrot salsa.
The Tuna Tartare on a soft ginger wasabi cookie.
And my personal favorite, the Mac n’ Cheese. Macaroni served with aged cheddar and parmesan cheeses, with a special blend of pesto.
Every meal at Taste is wrapped up with a sweet treat…their signature Taste cupcake…topped with a cappuccino icing.
For more details be sure to visit www.taste-restaurant.com.

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