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Last week Calgary Tourism put on a food truck event in their parking lot, hope there is many more to come.  They had the newest and latest food truck The Noodle Bus and Blamwich on site.  The weather was a little on the chilly side which made it perfect Pho weather.  I’ve been looking forward to checking this truck out and have been following all the tweets and have only seen great comments from their fans.

The way it works is, fill out the form, pay and BAM the food is there in a jiffy.  I mean real fast.  I ordered the spring rolls and the satay beef pho.  It came on a neat cardboard tray and a nice sized bowl of pho.  Don’t expect the traditional restaurant style with a side of bean sprouts, mint and a wedge of lime.  Everything you need for this quick bowl of pho is already in it and ready to go.  I sat on the curb and chowed down!  The spring rolls were quite good almost too good for my health.  Cooked perfect, tasted delicious and a perfect starter for my lunch.  Next up was the Satay Beef Pho, seriously this is some good food.  The broth was sooooo good, I literally drank it all up and the noodles, beef and all the goodies were delicious too.  This is an excellent food truck and can’t wait to try more of it, that’s if I can pry myself away from ordering the same again.  You can follow them on twitter @thenoodlebus.

The Noodle Bus

Satay Beef Pho

Spring Rolls

Spring Rolls

Lunch Time

Noodle Bus

The Noodle Bus


I wasn’t going to hit up Blamwich since I just finished eating the tastiest thing that day, but my greedy eyes and stomach allowed me to order the Hypocrite Blamwich.  This sandwich consisted of homemade ratatouille, grilled mushrooms, provolone and bacon.  The bun was excellent, the sandwich was tasty with a nice mix of healthy and bacon.  It could have used just a tad more bacon for the salt flavour.  I’ve had the Bacon Storm before and that sandwich is Baconlicious.  You can’t go wrong with Blamwich for a good lunch time eat!  Follow @BlamWich on twitter to find out where they are located.

The Hypocrite

The Hypocrite

The Blamwich Menu


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Blam!Wich on Urbanspoon

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  1. Have to ask, was it Fuzzy or Pat who went for the double lunch?

    I can barely ever finish a bowl of pho, let alone follow it up with one of Blamwich’s huge ass sandwiches.

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