Moxie’s Southport – Absolute Disappointment

Restaurant: Moxie’s Restaurant
Cuisine: Dine In Chain Restaurant
Date Visited: November 27, 2010 at 12:15pm
Location: 10606 Southport Rd SW, Southport Location
Hours: 7 Days a Week – Lunch to Later Evening
Contact: 403-225-9598
Price Range: $5 to $25

Overall Rating: Rating Scale (1. Yuck, 2. I’m eating it but won’t order again, 3. This is good, 4. This is really good worth recommending, 5. OMG I need to facebook and tweet about this and can’t stop thinking about it)

Food: 2/5
Service: 1/5
Ambiance: 3/5
Overall: 2/5

Additional Comments:

  • Fair amount of parking, I can see it tough if it was at rush time
  • Located right off of MacLeod Trail

I’ve been eating at Moxie’s for the past 19 years, it’s always has been just a last minute kind of restaurant that I would go to with either my friends or family.  More times than most it would be easy to get in without lining up.  In my opinion Moxies has never been outstanding but it’s never been horrible.  I usually get average food, with average service, and ok prices.  Back in the day before Moxies went through their “I want to be a high end trendy restaurant” makeover, the service was excellent to outstanding.

This past visit was the worst for me, my family, and friends.  Now that I have 2 little girls, I always do a little research before I head out to a restaurant to make sure they are kid friendly.  I don’t expect every restaurant to be but if you’re going to advertise a kids menu, you would think that they would be somewhat accommodating. 

It started right through the front door.  A hostess with an act of niceness but you could sense the rudeness or lack of competence to seat people.  With originally six of us and needing one high chair, she actually asked us if we wanted to sit in a rounded booth (semi-circle) that was a step high.  I asked her where would we put the high chair then?  Then she asked, can’t you use a booster seat instead.  Sure if you want my kid to fall out and hit the floor.  Then she continues to seat us in these booths that don’t allow high chairs as well.  So we settled for a booster seat because it was easier than fighting with her incompetence.

The waitress came over quickly after we sat down and we ordered our kids drinks, they come in small highball glasses with a straw.  Are you kidding me?  If you welcome kids to your restaurant, get some kid friendly glasses.  Let’s say we had milk everywhere and lucky no cracked teeth from them trying to drink out of the glass.  I could go on forever on how horrible this visit was with Moxies.  I can tell you I’ll never go back with my kids and possibility myself.  Service was horrible, cooking times where outrageously long for lunch with a quarter of the restaurant full, food was extremely poor quality and seating was definitely not ideal. 

I didn’t take any pictures because by the time we got our food, my kid’s were in full craziness mode from the length of time from sit down to actually receiving our food.

What’s In Front Of Me:

Bacon and Aged White Cheddar Burger: 2/5

  • Average Burger
  • Fries were soggy, warm and greasy
  • Definitely not as they claim “fabulous fries”

Lobster and Brie Grilled Cheese: 2/5

  • Tastes like canned lobster meat
  • Where’s the Brie?  I saw plenty of cheddar
  • Extremely salty
  • $15 are you kidding me?

Cheeseburger Children’s Meal: 1/5

  • Looked dry and over cooked
  • My kid wouldn’t even eat it, she would only eat the bun it looked so bad
  • Came out with the wrong side, but waitress was quick to correct it

Kids Penne: 2/5

  • My daughter ate it all, she is 16 months old
  • I’m thinking the portion is small, how is a 12 year old suppose to fill up on this
  • I didn’t taste it, rating was given on portion size and how it looked

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  1. My husband and I dined(?) at Moxies on Macleod last night. Yuck. He had a hamburguer, over done. I had chicken over done. Simple orders over 1/2 hour late. We won’t be back any time soon. We went out of our way to go there, because we so enjoyed our last visit in the fall. Never again.

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  2. i wont dine at moxies southport ever!! the waitress that assist us are all rude and disrespectfull, i just wanna let u know we dine and we can afford to pay so treat us fair! you guys mess up my weekend!

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    Ordered beef dip and salad.

    Was not given a salad or dressing option.
    Ended up with a mix of wilted greens, dried out cranberries and dried chunks of cheese DRENCHED in a gross vinegarette-had only one bite!

    The beef dip baguette was soggy and broke in half leaving all of the innards to fall all over my plate, the aioli was spread too thick and the au jus was pure salt!

    I sent more than half back and was told my bill would be “taken care of”, I STILL HAD TO PAY!!!!

    I called the “manager” 15 minutes later-she then tells me to come back tomorrow to talk to a manager about a gift card or exchange…. YOU INTRODUCED YOURSELF AS A MANAGER WHEN YOU ANSWERED THE PHONE!!!! YOU CANNOT DO THAT EXACT SAME THING FOR ME TODAY????


    Master Chef Alex Chen should be embarrassed that your chef’s are ruining his dishes!

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