Los Compadres – Part Dos

Fuzzy was the first to try Los Compadres, this is my review on this food truck.  As you’ve all read my posts previous, I’ve been super excited to hit up all these trucks and give their food a try.

One beautiful Saturday, I saw a tweet that was pointing me in the direction of Deerfoot Meadows where Los Compadres will be for lunch.  I was 2nd to arrive, there ended up being a bunch of us waiting for the truck to open, so I was glad to see that people were interested in trying some fresh authentic Mexican food.

I was first to order, so I wanted to try a variety of things, just to get a good idea of what I would like.  I went with the Bisteck (3 top sirloin tacos), this wasn’t my favourite out of the bunch, the way the sirloin was cooked was not something I desired, it was more like “I hate to say it” boiled meat.  I’m not sure of the authentic way of doing this but it just didn’t do it for me.  The saving grace was the sauce which was absolutely delicious.  The next up was Campechano (3 mixed dishes tacos), this was really tasty, more my style and flavours, very fresh tasting, perfect amount of cilantro and just wishing it came with a wedge of lime.  The last I one I tried is the Torta (French Baguette Sandwich with Bistek), the baguette was nice and fresh, unfortunately I had the sirloin that I didn’t enjoy on there, but funny thing was adding the sauce on there made this sandwich actually pretty tasty, I did enjoy it but will probably try the chicken next time.  The tortillas for all the tacos were excellent, great flavour and fresh feeling.

Los Compadres has lots to offer, if you’re looking for Taco Time or Taco Bell, this is definitely not what you’ll be getting.  You won’t be getting loads of cheese, you will be getting a fresh, authentic style Mexican food.  I’m looking forward to trying the rest of the menu, because I really do enjoy authentic Mexican flavours.  What I really want is some delicious fish tacos.  I heard it was a special the other day.  Can’t wait for that!

Los Compadres

The Mexico within you


Bisteck TortaBisteck Torta


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  1. I absolutely love the food truck revolution in Calgary! I went to Los Comprendos last night, and have to say the flavours were great! However, the only complaint I have is that the tacos were completely soggy within about 10 minutes. We ended up just eating the filling with a fork after the first one. I think if they maybe crisped the tacos a bit more (either on the stove/grill, or by frying them) it would be MUCH better! (They weren’t bust at all when we went, so I can’t attribute it to them being busy). I give them a 2.5/5 at this point. I would love to go back again, and probably will, but would enjoy the experience much more without the sogginess.

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    • I had a similar experience with the poor quality, soggy and tasteless tacos. I give them a 0.5/5 since I waited over 25minutes to receive my tacos after ordering. Tacos are also not very well priced, and the meat is overdone. I could have gone anywhere in the city for faster service and better food.

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