Kickers Smoked Meat & Deli – Kicken’ it up a notch

Restaurant: Kickers Smoked Meat & Deli      
Cuisine: Deli
Date Visited: March 10, 2011
Location:  1215 1st Street SW, Calgary
Hours:  Monday to Friday 11am – 7pm and Saturday’s 12pm – 5pm
Contact:  403-288-8860

Overall Rating:

Rating Scale
1. Yuck
2. I’m eating it but won’t order again
3. This is good
4. This is really good worth recommending
5. OMG I need to facebook and tweet about this and can’t stop thinking about it

Food: 4/5
Service: 5/5
Ambiance: 4/5
Overall: 4/5

Additional Comments:

  • Smoked meat is directly from Montreal 
  • Poutine is made of Quebec Cheese curds 
  • Fries are made in a greaseless fryer 
  • Many other different types of sandwiches
  • Street parking available

Our next stop on the Downtown Calgary Big Taste tour was Kicker’s Smoked Meat & Deli.  This deli is located in the old coat check room of the Taz nightclub for all of you that can remember those days.  It’s a nice small place good for a quick bite or take-out.

For the Big Taste menu we were able to choose any sandwich on the board, so we decided on the Infamous Kitchener Reuben (on Rye), anything grilled with cheese can’t be beat.  Then on the corner of our eye the word Poutine popped out of the menu, well again, cheese, gravy and fries (another winning combination).  So Tom, the owner/operator, suggested putting Montreal smoked meat on our poutine, and we’re talking about chunks of smoked meat with all the herbs and spices on it.  Needless to say everything tasted great, meat was great, smoky and moist.  I’m not an expert in Montreal smoked meat, but for us, it was excellent.

One of our friends was with us who opted for the Miss Montreal on Rye, which is a Smoked Salmon and cream cheese sandwich.  So we swapped half our reuben for half of the smoked salmon one.  Now we know why it’s their number 2 best seller.  Smoked salmon and cream cheese with capers, what a great sandwich.  I’ll definitely be back again!

What’s in Front of Me:


Infamous Kitchener Reuben (on Rye)

Smoked Meat Poutine with Quebec Cheese Curds

Miss Montreal on Rye Smoked Salmon

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