Keith’s Deli

I’m not sure why I’ve never noticed Keith’s Deli before but one of my friends said I just had to try out Keith’s Deli and I quote “Best Meatball Sandwich Ever.”  So what do Fuzzy and I do, drive straight over there for this recommendation.  We come up to this nice little deli, with a few tables and a line up, hmmmm we don’t see a meatball sandwich on the menu.  But there is a Keith’s special, homemade italian sausage sandwich.  Guess he got mixed up, but there was no disappointment here, great sandwich, nice bun, sausage was excellent and they have a spicy version too.  Plus at the counter they sell, Jamaican Patties, sausage rolls, wings and more homemade sausage.  I had a Jamaican Patty on the side, one of my weaknesses and I’m so glad there are good patties in the South.

Prices are decent, I wish the sandwich was bigger but they know what they are doing.  Look at their Urbanspoon rating, best I’ve seen yet.  You can find Keith’s Deli across from Chinook Centre in the Red Lobster parking lot, go check it out.


Keith's Special

Keith's Special

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  1. The food there is Fantastic!!! I have had almost all of thier homeade soups and they are delicious!!!! as well as the sausages…..The sanwiches are to die for! The staff is extremly polite and very fast! would recommend this Deli to everyone & anyone!

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