Jimmy’s A&A Mediterranean Deli

Seriously, how has it taken me this long to come here? Same with Fuzzy!  I don’t have too much to say, but super cool place, tons of food, and taste…Soooooo Good!  If I was hosting Canada’s Diner’s, Drive In’s and Dive’s, this would be on my list. 

I had the medium mixed combo of chicken and beef with a Samosa. Next time I have to try and eat the large or XL beef. Jimmy’s knows what they are doing, they are doing it right, and they are serving it up huge!

Located on the corner of 15th Ave and 20th Ave NW, it looks like an old school convenience store in a house. I almost sold a client a house next to this place, I tried making it a selling feature. hahaha.

If you haven’t been, GO!


Combo DonairCombo Donair

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Author: YYC's Best Eats

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  1. I like the chicken or combo (beef and chicken) more than the plain beef as most of flavor (ie garlic hahaha) is from the chicken. But any of the 3 kinds = winner in my book

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