Grumans Delicatessen Brunch

Like our normal routine…where to go to eat decisions for an hour, we finally found a place that was just perfect for breakfast. Luckily they posted something on Facebook that morning because I would have never thought it would be open for breakfast.

We arrived at Grumans with our grumpy of grumpiest kids but right off the bat the waitress recognizes our challenges this morning and swoops in quickly to calm our girls down and put them in excellent moods. Thank you!!!

I ordered the Smoked & Poached Breakfast Poutine, which is filled with Montreal smoke meat, cheese curds, two poached eggs, home-style hashbrowns, lemon hollandaise and a side of toast for $13. This is one of the best breakfast dishes I’ve had in a long long time. It was the perfect combination, just slice the poached eggs and let the runny yolk go all over the hashbrowns  and smoked meat.  The amazing hollandaise just brings this dish to another level, mmmmmm.

The rest of the table ordered the Breakfast Special, which is a large plate filled with 2 eggs, bacon or sausage, hashbrowns, and toast $9. Also we had an order of eggs benedict which looked outstanding as well $13.

Can’t wait to come back!


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Author: YYC's Best Eats

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