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On Tuesday evening, we had the great opportunity to enjoy a chef’s table at Earls on 16th Ave NW organized by Angela, who is the Regional Marketing Manager for Earls.  In attendance was Marc, Dani, Fuzzy from the Virgin Morning Show along with Gillian (Virgin Promotions Director) and myself.  Chef Rob and Dale, the Restaurant Leader, created this fantastic experience for us which was simply amazing.  Being an Earls fan and regular most of my life it was such a treat to get to do something like this.  This Earls location has done some great reno’s which created a modern, yet inviting cozy atmosphere.  I know most of you are thinking, it’s just Earls, good consistent food and good atmosphere, but I learned quite a few things tonight and was shocked to find out that a ton of the food is made from scratch in house, including their hamburger buns and the famous parm dip.  I think if they could they would grow the produce out the back too.

Earls has progressed nicely over the years leaving us with the great standby’s plus improving on them as well and giving us new dishes to love.  Not only have they been revamping their menu to create even better food, they have also been working with a master mixologist to create some fantastic drinks.  Tonights chef’s table was not paired with wine but paired with amazing cocktails.

We started off the night with an outstanding Grapefruit Margarita which is made with fresh squeezed grapefruit and lime juices.  I am a big “on the rocks” margarita fan and this one was delicious.  The food paired with this drink was a nice large loaf of freshly baked delicious piece of pan bread with three choices of dips, the traditional oil & vinegar, house made tzatziki, and my personal favourite for many years, the parm dip.  By the way Parm Dip is not on the menu, you have to ask for it and you can use it on anything!!!

Next up was the Moscow Mule, which is a vodka, ginger syrup, lime juice cocktail, this is a very good patio type refreshing drink.  The pairing food to this was the Prawn Dynamite Roll.  Chef Rob made this at our table which was really fun and showed us how to make a great sushi roll.  The different sauces with this roll made it very good, as an avid sushi eater, I can put it up there with other sushi joints.  I think Earls had the goal to make this as authentic as possible.  The sushi rice is made fresh daily using proper methods to cook and prepare.  Once he finished making his roll, Fuzzy was given the opportunity to make one himself and congrats to Fuzzy, he nailed it.

Following the sushi was my second favourite drink of the night, White Sangria with Peaches.  Yumm.  Fresh, light and tasty.  With the sangria we had the West Coast Prawn Salad.  Prawn was cook and seasoned just perfect and loved the added touch of quinoa in the salad.  This would be a salad I would get if I went into Earls for one.

Now we’re getting really full and only half way done, the Mai Tai’s come out, Appleton Rum, triple sec, almond syrup and fresh lime juice.  I really liked this drink, it was tart but tasty.  The dish that came out with this drink was the Bronx Burger (mini style just for this event).  This would be my favourite burger at Earls, fresh baked bun, home made red onion ring and red pepper relish.  This burger is so good, I’ve written about this burger before (click here if you want to read the previous review).

If you can believe it there is more.  Now time for the Red Sangria, Marc and Dani, from Virgin Morning Show, thought it was very good, while Fuzzy and I enjoyed the White Sangria more.  With this was their Mediterranean Linguini, for me, I liked it, but you have to like the green olive taste to enjoy it, this dish also had a nice kick to it which was nice.  For Fuzzy, it was too olivey (if that’s a word), for him.  He still enjoyed the dish though.

For the Grand Finale.  Campfire S’MORES!  This was awesome, one of the best desserts I’ve had.  House-made marshmallows and melted milk chocolate between graham cookies, drizzled with dark chocolate sauce, chocolate and vanilla bean gelato.  The aroma of this dish while I was taking the pictures was so good and to taste it was even better.  The whole combination of the flavours worked so well with each other.

My new Earls ritual will now consist of the California Prawn Pesto Pizza to share, then a Bronx Burger, with the Campfire S’mores for dessert and to wash it all down with a Grapefruit Margarita.

We’d like to thank Earls on 16th Ave NW location for such a great evening of food, drinks and company.  Dale did such a great job of explaining all the dishes to us with the detailed background of how each was created.  If you are ever interested in doing the Chef’s Table at Earls, please do give Dale or Chef Rob a call to find out further details.

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