Day 6 Stampede Food – BBQ Beef On A Bun

The Annual 10 Days of Stampede Eating is usually written about food on the Calgary Stampede grounds, but today we’ll make an exception.  We were lucky enough to be invited to The Roadhouse Nightclub this afternoon for their first annual Beef on a Bun contest which was also in support of the Calgary Food Bank.  Each beef on a bun was only $1, what a smokin’ deal.  Watch for this event next year, it’s one you don’t want to miss.  Today there were 5 Calgary eateries that participated in this challenge, The Main Dish, Dobson’s, Spolumbo’s, Jameson’s Pub, and Big D’s Smokehouse.  What a great venue for this competition, out on the patio, under a stampede tent, stocked bars, beer tubs, and food.  I can’t wait to see more restaurants entering next year, perhaps YYC’s Best Eats can compete!

The first bun we started with was The Main Dish’s creation.  8 hour slow roasted beef with house made Jack Daniels Bourbon BBQ Sauce, topped with a kale and blueberry slaw and chipotle yogurt cream.  I have never been a beef on a bun fan, but this one certainly changed my views on this dish.  Beef was super tender, flavours were on point, and the amazing kale and blueberry slaw just made it perfect.

The Main Dish

The Main Dish

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The second beef on a bun was Dobson’s, at first looking at the sandwich we were thinking, how in the world can another beef on a bun compare to The Main Dish’s, well first bite we fell in love and the more you ate it the better it got.  The crispy onions and home made sauce kicked this bun to a whole new level, so tasty with a nice hint of smokiness.



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Next up is Spolumbo’s, I was totally wrong on my prediction of this beef on a bun.  This one was heaping full of tender beef, slathered in a delicious spicy sauce in the best bun possible.  This should be called a bun around a beef, the bun made this beef so good and we couldn’t stop eating this one till it was finished.



Spolumbo's Fine Foods & Deli on Urbanspoon

Next on my plate was Jameson’s Pub, the bun was nice and soft, and the meat inside would be a typical beef on a bun kicked up several notches.  Beef was shredded, tender, sauced up and served like it is, Beef on a Bun.  The traditionalist Beef on a Bun connoisseurs would really enjoy this one.

Jameson's Pub

Jameson’s Pub

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Last but not least is Big D’s Smokehouse (located in the Calgary Farmers Market) who did up the beef on a bun traditional BBQ style.  Slow hickory smoked beef brisket that was smoking for 18 hours, sliced up right before it went in the bun topped with some nice slaw.  The smell of this brisket was out of this world.  This was true BBQ flavour, smokey and juicy.

Big D's Smokehouse

Big D’s Smokehouse

Great job by all 5 establishments, this kind of competition really showcases what these restaurants have to offer at their establishments, I wouldn’t hesitate going to all of them to try out their whole menus.  Judging these sandwiches were tough to make decisions, there were three standouts in our opinions, 2 of us had The Main Dish as the top dog, while the other had Dobson’s with top honours, and Spolombo’s was in the mix for the top beef on a bun.  Really it was close, in our opinions all three of those were the top ones.  In the end The Main Dish takes the trophy home!  Congratulations Main Dish well done!  Thanks to all the competitors, it was really a tight race and all of the food was outstanding.  We’re already looking forward to Stampede 2013 for the Roadhouse Nightclub BBQ Beef on a Bun competition.


Author: YYC's Best Eats

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