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Well most of you have probably been to a Cora’s.  I’ll be quite honest, this is not one of my favourite places to go for breakfast, my family likes it much more than I do and my daughter just loves going to the “Sunny Place”.  But….I actually found a dish I really enjoyed on my last visit here at the downtown location in Bow Valley Square.  I know people love the fruit here and the amounts you get, but since I’ve had kids, I have to give up all my fruit to them.  The locations that I like best are the Okotoks and Bow Valley Square.  The quality of cooking is much better and it seems like they aren’t trying to just rush out the food, plus I find them way easier to get into.

Today we had the Crepomelette, which my step-father enjoyed.  The asparagus eggs benedict for my daughters, it’s their favourite.  My wife had the fruit filled crepe which she really enjoyed. Last but not least, I think I found the gold of Cora’s, the Brie and Mushroom Eggs Benedict.  Let me tell you that I was truly impressed with this dish, it was super yummy and really wish there were 4 of them on my plate.  The mushrooms and brie were a perfect combination with the soft runny eggs.  Slurp!  Yumm! There is lots of fruit on the side plus hash browns.  If there was one thing Cora’s NEEDED to fix ASAP is their hash browns.  I can’t believe I’ve been going to Cora’s ever since they’ve come to Calgary and how no one has ever told Chez Cora the hash browns are not good at all.  They just taste soggy, bland and under cooked at all the locations.

All in all I know many people love Cora’s including my whole family.  I’m not a huge fan but now…Brie and Mushrooms Eggs Benedict is what I am craving everyday.  Maybe I’m becoming a fan now…

What’s In Front Of Us:


Asparagus Eggs Benedict

Fruit Filled Crepe

Brie and Mushrooms Eggs Benedict


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