Coco Brooks Pizza Review

I discovered Coco Brooks a few years ago when the other half of YYC’s Best Eats, Fuzzy, brought this awesome banana bread in a pizza box to my house.  What’s better than a layer of sweetened cream cheese between two baked banana bread crusts cut into pizza slices.  It’s so good.

Coco Brooks has been around since 1999 and has 3 locations in Calgary, one at 42nd Ave and Blackfoot Trail SE, one on 32 Ave NE and the newest location on 52nd Street SE.  All the pizzas are a larger 8 inch individual size, in between from a traditional small and individual size.  It’s actually a really good size and perfect as a meal.  The best way to describe the pie is a thick pizza with a light crust, I call it a Saskatchewan style pizza, which is actually where the founder is from.

You can order and eat at their restaurant, which is very casual and kid friendly or you can order frozen and make it at home.  I’ve only eaten there.  They have a ton of different options for pizzas, plus lots of other things on their menu.  Don’t forget to try dessert.  For all you Gluten Free seekers, they have it for you.  A special Gluten Free menu!

Today I tried the the Mexican and the Greek Mykonos on a classic crust, hard to explain in words, it’s a really good pizza, my kind of pizza, it’s a nice thick sized pizza, but light with the cheese cooked just perfect.  You won’t find anything like this in Calgary.  I think everyone has their favourites and lately all I think about is having Coco Brooks.

What’s In Front Of Us:

The Mexican Coco Brooks Pizza

The Mexican

The Greek Mykonos Coco Brooks Pizza

The Greek Mykonos

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