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I’m probably the last one to write about the wonderful experience we had at Charpop, but better late than never and you get to hear our take on this night.  If you haven’t heard about Charpop yet, a brief description of what it’s all about.  Charcut Restarant (Connie DeSousa and John Jackson), Grant Van Gameren and baker extraordinaire Aviv Fried opened a stealthy new restaurant at a secret location from Jan 15-17, 2012.  Open one day and close the next.  They will be doing this a few more times in the year so keep an eye out at

Tonight, fellow foodie Guy (not Fieri) and myself attended the last seating of the event on the 17th at 9pm.  We got a phone call earlier that day to let us know where to enter from.  Tonight it was the Red back door marked with an “X” on it.  As we entered through the rear of Sidewalk Citizen Bakery, it was such a cool atmosphere, it felt like we were at an underground supper club.  We were then seated group by group, the two of us ended up at a communal table with some great new friends that love food as much as we do. 

The menu was broken down into four parts.  Sides, Small, Large and Dessert.  Guy and I decided to order 2 dishes from the sides, small and large.  We started off with a Poplar Bluff potato and guanciale gratin, this was a very nice scalloped potato that was rich and creamy, very yummy.  Next up we had the Open face croissant with lamb, sumac, nigella seed and mint, the croissant was absolutely delicious and the flavors were very homey and comforting.  The next dish we decided on was the Albacore tuna crudo, meyer lemon, celery, rosemary and pepper, this was one of my favourites and it tasted very fresh, I could have eaten 10 orders of this.  The last of the small plates was a large baked kale salad with persimmon, king mushroom, farro, pine nut.  I think this may have been the first time I’ve tried Kale, I loved this dish, I actually think about it all the time and wish I could have more, it really was that good!  As for the Large plates, we decided on Beef Cheek with Squash and Savoury Scone, this was very good, home cooked flavours, very comforting food and cooked perfect.  The last dish we tried was the Octopus with toasted Sourdough and N’dula, the octopus was cooked just right, tender not chewy, and had very rich flavours.  After all this food, we read many tweets that we must try the Cast Iron Baked Cinnamon Bun with spiced rum and raisin gelato, this was a perfect dessert to cap off a great meal and the description of the dessert says it all (we ate it so fast I forgot to take a picture of it).

There were many adverturous dished that we didn’t try, like crispy pig ear, veal sweetbreads, tongue (which actually looked good), beef heart steak, and rabbit pie, but luckly we were able to see all these dishes as our new communal table friends were the adverturous ones and had all these dishes.  Way to go brave souls, Amanda (marketing & event coordinator of Calgary Farmers Market, @cgyfarmersmarkt), Kate ( @worldviews2012, you have to check out the amazing things this person is doing), Graham, and Chiara. 

A thanks goes to the Beer Sommelier/Stewart, Kirk @beersnsuch, for recommending a great Ale that night, we drank Village Blonde Ale by Village Brewery and it went perfect with our meals.  You can find Kirk at Charcut on the weekends and I’m sure if you tweet him, he can give you some good recommendations you may need. 

All in all the food was excellent, the atmosphere was amazing and the experience was unforgettable.  If you ever get a chance to go a Charpop even, don’t hesitate to go!

What’s In Front Of Us (my apologies for the poor camera shots, the lighting was a tough shoot):

Poplar Bluff Potato

Open Face Croissant with Lamb 

 Albacore Tuna

Baked Kale Salad 

 Beef Cheek




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  1. What a great evening! Loved sharing it with you both. So excited to experience new food and great tastes as I travel around the world over the next couple of months!

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