Charcut Alley Burger – Should be called Heaven Burger

If heaven were in an alley this is what it would smell like. As Fuzzy and I eventually found some loading zone parking a block away, we stepped into the far end of the alley of the line up. Located at the base of Hotel Le Germain across from the Calgary Tower is Charcut, which is known for their spectacular menu, which by the way on Tuesday will be my first time dining there with Calgary’s #1 food bloggers, Calgary Foodies.

Once we entered the alley, all we could smell is the great food being cooked by all the restaurants lining Stephen Avenue. We hopped into the freezing cold line at about 9:30pm, we were 20th and 21st. Wow, standing next to three dumpsters, Alley Burger security guards, long lines, and cops made this experience even greater, who would have thought that Fuzzy and I would ever line up in an alley next to garbage for a $5 burger, well for those who know us, you knew the chances were pretty good. At about 10:15pm they came around to collect our $5 and voila, my first Alley Burger. Because we were frozen, we quickly ran back to the vehicle to snap some pictures and enjoy this piece of bliss. I’m not kidding you, this burger was *beep*ing amazing! Well worth the wait and the cold. Wish I was a better writer to describe how great it tasted, just imagine, garlic, pork, and delish!

The only way to know if it’s an Alley Burger night, usually Friday or Saturday’s at 10pm, is to follow them on Twitter or Facebook. If you haven’t been, it’s time you make your way down to the alley!  Until next time…I will continually dream of the heavenly Alley Burger.

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