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We’ve been going to Bookers for quite a few years. Usually once or twice a year to have some All You Can Eat Crab. I haven’t really tried anything else on the menu but I hear the BBQ food is great. I guess I should head there sometime and go through their regular menu. The all you can eat crab is every Sunday $39.95 and if you love to eat snow crab it’s great. When you get your first plate of food, it’s very limited, just a small side, wedge of lemon and a couple sets of crab legs with a side of melted butter. Don’t worry, your first set of crab isn’t piping hot usually, but the buckets and buckets after are nice and hot. Sometimes you’ll get a junk bucket of crab, seems like it’s the bottom of the barrel, but it’s easy to rip through and get to the next succulent bucket. Next time we’ll do a video on how to eat snow crab because there is an art to getting the most of the meat easily. There are some pictures below of some of the food other people ate, I had a caesar salad (looks good, but could use more dressing), I heard the smoked mac n cheese was ok and the trash salad was ok (looks like more of a guys type of salad).

The service is so so, it’s never been outstanding service, rather slow actually but if you can get on a servers good side, I believe your crab will come out faster.  Bookers is kind of  a neat place, good atmosphere, good decor and reminds me of restaurants in New Orleans.  It’s definitely kid friendly place if your kids can sit around for all you can eat crab.

What’s In Front Of Us:

Caesar SaladCaesar Salad

Clam ChowderClam Chowder

Trash SaladTrash Salad

Smoked Jalapeno Mac and CheeseSmoked Jalapeno Mac & Cheese

AYCE CrabAll You Can Eat Crab

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