Alley Burger Food Truck

One beautiful day on Saturday, 2 hours and 45 minutes in line and we got to try the first public day for the Alley Burger food truck over at Fratello Coffee company for their Prairie Regional Barista Competition.  What an exciting afternoon, the sun was shining and we met tons of fellow foodies which made great company during the wait, YES it was worth it.  I’d say there were over 100 people in line mostly patiently waiting and it was awesome that Fiasco Gelato came out with their Gelato Scooter.  The had a few different flavours and was selling them for $4, it was perfect on this hot day.

Alley Burger Food Truck

Line Up

Fiasco Gelato

Fiasco Gelato

If you don’t know what the Alley Burger is, check out our post of the Alley Burger here.  Alley Burger is a genius idea from a fantastic restaurant, CharCut with famed Connie, of Top Chef Canada, John and their spouses. For the past year or so, fans of CharCut/Alley Burger would constantly check their twitter and Facebook accounts to wait a post to see if the Alley Burger was being served up in a downtown alley behind their restaurant.  They served up the Alley Burger (pork and sausage patty with Quebec cheese and piri piri aioli), for $5, in brown bag with a pickle.  So Good!

Connie Top Chef Canada

The Goods

Now we have the Calgary food truck revolution taking place, with the 8 original food trucks working with Mayor Neshi and the city have teamed up to do a food truck pilot project.  The real first event takes place this Thursday, August 11, 2011 from 11am-3pm down on Stephen Ave at the Convention Centre block (100E Stephen Ave).  The trucks will be Fiasco Gelato, Perogy Boyz, Alley Burger, Fries & Dolls, Pimentos Mobile Pizzeria, Jojo’s BBQ, Los Compadres Mexican, and perhaps one more.  Admission is free and you can RSVP on Facebook here YYC Taste The Trucks.

So back to our exciting day for the first public day of the Alley Burger food truck, our choices were to have the Alley Burger, The Whole Truck Burger, and the duck fat poutine.  Right before we got to order they ran out of the Alley Burger, so it made our order easy, the regular sized Whole Truck Burger, which is a beef burger (added piri piri aioli, brassica mustard, sliced pickles, cheese curds, farm egg and bacon) and the poutine.  Both the burgers have options of small (one patty) and regular (two patties).  I’ll have to say, that’s one excellent burger, I gobbled it up in no time, but both of us agreed, as much as we enjoyed this burger, we love the Original Alley Burger more.  The poutine was a hit with us, fries deep fried beautifully in duck fat, nice and crispy, real cheese curds, and a gravy to die for.  It wasn’t your traditional poutine gravy but in some ways it was even better (sorry for saying that traditionalist poutiners).  Since everyone made friends for the almost 3 hours wait, our new found friends in front of the line who got their food first would offer us samples, we tried some normal fries with some sea salt and they were great.  They do have a ton of fry shakers and I’m excited to try the truffled salt and pepper or curry in a hurry next time, which is even more perfect because the fries come in a paper bag so you can shake the seasoning around to evenly coat.  I got a chance to chat with many people that just finished their food and everyone we spoke to was just amazed and glowing with satisfaction.

We are totally excited for this food truck revolution in Calgary and can’t wait to try all the new foods roaming around the city, you can follow them all on twitter and I believe this is the way we’re are going to be able to follow their locations daily.

Duck Fat Poutine

Fry Shakers

The Whole Truck

The Whole Truck

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